Parrot is an end-to-end payment solution that leverages SMS to drive easy checkout and a higher frequency of recurring purchases.

Parrot Direct Checkout is the fastest, most connected checkout solution for your online store

Your online store checkout should help you sell, not be the place where customers run away. With Parrot, your customers will love the checkout experience.

Online Store

Payment Processor

Best-In-Class Texting Capabilities

make your checkout your best sales channel

Website Checkout
Texting App
SMS Marketing Tool
Order Management

why switch to parrot?

Selling has never been easier

Frictionless website checkout meets the power of SMS

Win more customers at checkout instead of losing them with a simple SMS-based checkout solution that starts on your website

Generate more revenue per customer

Built to ⬆️ customer LTV and ⬇️ cart abandonment

When checkout is easier than ever and you capture their phone number, it's easy to offer more relevant items in the future.

setup is simple

Connect Parrot in 5 mins

Driving your mobile revenue has never been so quick (and easy) Just sign up, add your products, add your bank account and start selling!

Completely secure & compliant

Secure, compliant payments via text

Parrot makes it easy to text your customers and accept SMS payments via text. We also make it simple to avoid TCPA violations. You can only send texts to folks who’ve opted in.

get a demo

Get the full birds-eye-view of Parrot with a dedicated demo from our team.