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Video Transcript:

Today, I'm going to show you how to add a checkout to your e-commerce site using parrot. I have a site I'm working on right here, creating an e-commerce site. I am selling a couple of items on this site, as you can see this is just a basic create react app that I started building out this.

We can go ahead and add some things to our cart, as you can see here.

And when we go view our cart we, we don't have a checkout button. We don't have a way to check out. Checkout can be pretty tricky, but using Parrot we now have added a way to include a checkout to end. E-commerce site that you may be building. So looking at the code you can find all of the documentation and the steps to generate a public API key and to add a Parrot check out button underneath the public API section or developer section in our app.

And to walk through what that is, I'm just going to copy and paste this script, which I have here. And then this public API key. I'm copying and pasting over. One thing I'm also doing is making sure that the origins have been set up for that API. Next I'm going to grab just this button, save that.

Could you check out at this button, which takes my cart and a callback scroll back and let's refresh and check this out. I can go ahead and add items to my cart again.

And voila, we have our parrot pay button, and to show what this does a user can now click that enter in their phone number. And a checkout link is sent to their phone. Next we'll look at what this link process looks like for the person buying the product.

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